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Imagines blog for Motionless In White,

Also, do not be afraid to ask if there is someone else you would like the imagine to be about E.G. Ex members or people associated with the band :)
creeperella13 sent:

If your still doing ships. Im 5.2 i have dark,almost black,brown hair pale skin grey/blue eyes and I'm pretty skinny. I love reading,Listening to music and playing guitar. I love horror movies and I have a weird obsession with serial killers. Im shy when you first meet me and Im kinda a wallflower but when you get to know me Im random Hyper and silly and i love to laugh a lot. :D

Hey, we’re always open to ships :D 

Ricky Olson <3 You two match so cutely 

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Hey! I noticed we like the same music, and it'd mean a lot if you checked us out! We're a touring rock band from Chicago, and will be releasing a new album soon with guest vocals by Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate)! We're almost always touring, so please head to our Facebook (link is on our Tumblr, it won't let me include it here!) and LIKE us to stay updated! Can't wait to see you over there!

Sure, hey creatures go checkout this band! They’re awesome!

Anonymous sent:

Could you do a Ricky imagine please? Something sweet? pleaseeee!!!!!!!!

I picked up my guitar and strummed softly to my favorite song, Caraphernelia by Pierce the Veil. I closed my eyes and sang along quietly when I heard the door open. Looking round I saw Ricky walk in and run a hand through his hair and let out a breath.
"what’s up?" I asked and he smiled widely then walked over and sat beside me, placing a kiss on my cheek.
"Not much, Im bored" He laughed and I chuckled then put the guitar down. He smield and I saw that glint in his eye, he had an idea.
"what?" I asked and he laughed again then messed up my hair.
"YouNow?" He asked and I nodded then pcked up my laptop. Ricky typed away on his phone and moments later nodded to me. I logged onto my YouNow and then started the stream, within seconds there were already thousands of people watching. Ricky sat on the bed beside me and I saw all the fangirl comments, sayign how we looked cute together or how good he looked today, psh! He looks great everyday. I smiled at Ricky who’s icy blue eyes were glued to my face. I felt the blush creep onto my face and I looked at the camera.
"Hey guys!" I called and suddenly there was a stream of replies.
"So I got really bored, that’s why we’re doing this… because Y/N is just an amazing person and will do this with me if I so much as ask" Ricky smirked and I nodded.
"I’m a sucker for those icy blues" I laughed and Ricky looked at me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and then kissed my temple.
"Im a sucker for you" He whispered and I turned a deep red. The fans all awed us and then lots of messages came through. Ricky read them and replied to some.
"Do you guys want to know the real reason I’m doing this?" He asked and I looked at Ricky confused. "I made sure all of my band are watching, and that everything was timed right" Fans all started typing messages quickly, all asking what it was. Rcky picked up the laptop andput it on the desk across the small room then pulled me to my feet. I looked at him confused and we stood infront of the laptop. Ricky kissed me softly and I kissed back, blushing out of shyness. He pulled back and then dropped down. My heart went into my throat, which I clutched, struggling for breath.
"Y/N, each day I come home tired and stressed, you always know what’s perfect for me. You alwasy amke me smile and these past 3 years with you have been like heaven. You helped me out of my suicidal thoughts, you have stood by me and watched me grow with the band. I love you more than anyone else in my life… And I want everyone to know that, so will you please become my bride?" I blinked and nodded, unable to get the words out. Ricky smiled and slid a beautiful black ring with blue diamond onto my finger. I hugged him tightly and Ricky kissed me softly.
"You cant breath can you?" He asked and chuckled. I shook my head and he cupped my cheeks. "Deep breaths" I chuckled and slapped his chest.
"How am I meant to take deep breaths when I cant breath you dork!" I laugehd and he hugged me then looked at the camera.
"Thats all guys, sorry… I want to spend time with my fiance"

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Hey, I have a new imagines blog called Collide with the imagines, could you tell you're followers about it so that they can come check it out and maybe request some things? <3



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