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Imagine Motionless In White
Imagines blog for Motionless In White,

Also, do not be afraid to ask if there is someone else you would like the imagine to be about E.G. Ex members or people associated with the band :)
Anonymous sent:

Can you ship me. I'm 5'1 long curly brown hair. I'm really shy at first then I get really friendly. I love to read write and hear music.


Anonymous sent:

Are you still shipping? If so my name is athena I have shoulder lengthe straight blonde hair, blue eyes, I'm 5'3, I'm a bit chubby and very curvy. I love to sing, draw, read, write songs, and listen to music. I'm very pale and kinda shy.


Anonymous sent:

Hey could you ship me please? I'm 5'6", I have shoulder blade length curly auburn hair. I have an hourglass figure, I have green eyes. I have piercings on my lobes and 3 lip piercings. I sing and I play guitar and bass. I write my own songs and perform them to friends/families. I love to read and watch movies, specifically horror and mystery films. I used to be bullied and I used to suffer from depression and self harmed. I am kind of shy and awkward, but I stick up for myself. Thanks for this

No problem, you rock girl :) 

Ricky <3

Anonymous sent:

Hey could you ship me please angel? I'm tall. I have rib cage length wavy hair that is orangey brown and blonde (frequently dyed) I'm a chubbyish hourglass figure, I sing and play rhythm guitar in a post-hardcore band as well as working in a theatre. I can't stand being early to bed and I love cuddles~

Ghost :) 

Anonymous sent:

Can you ship me? My name is Jessica I have blue/green eyes Brown curly hair with purple highlights and I'm 5'1 I love reading and drawing um yeah.

Ricky :D 

Anonymous sent:

Can you ship me please? I'm 5'3 &1/2, I love MIW, I have longish blue hair, I'm a little bit on the chubby side. I love tattoos & piercings. I want to be a tattoo artist or musician in the future and I can stand my ground & be a bitch if I have to.


Anonymous sent:

i read that chris is now dating their merch girl sarbrina

Okay thank you for that update :D I retract my earlier post :) 

Anonymous sent:

Could you ship me? I am 5'1, I have bright pink hair, and I love MIW. I am obsessed with Tim Burton movies, I love tattoos and piercings, I want to be a tattoo artist when im older. Thanks!

Ghost :D 

Anonymous sent:

Could you ship me? I'm 5'6 and I have really curly hair and I'm from Italy. My eyes are green and I have pretty bad acne but I don't like to wear a lot of makeup. My biggest fear is the ocean and I love cooking. I'm also obsessed with Sailor Moon and my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. I hate holding hands more than anything. Thanks!

Ghost <3

Anonymous sent:

Could you ship me please? c: I'm 5'3'', curvy, I have long wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, & a "baby face" (lol). I'm shy but I can get pretty loud & I'm told I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy writing poetry, singing, and playing video games. Thanks! :3

Ryan <3

Anonymous sent:

Hey:)I was just wondering if I could have a ship? My name is Kiah.I’m 5'3 I have mid-length 'dirty blonde' hair with side bangs, blue eyes and I wear a lot of black eye-liner haha. I love music, Tim Burton films and pizza. Thank you! and I adore your blog:)


Anonymous sent:

Is there gonna be a part 2 to "Shh Quiet Baby" if not that's fineni just wanted to know thanks

There are 4 parts posted already, :) 

Here are the links 

Stay Quiet Baby -

SQB (Part 2) -

SQB(Part 3) -

SQB (Part 4) -

Anonymous sent:

Ship me please? :) I have really long half black and half blue hair. I have drawn on brows and wear dark makeup. I have brown eyes. I'm 5'3 & I'm pretty curvy. I'm a really nice person but I can stand up for myself or be mean when someone is acting stupid. I'm also pretty funny & i love to make people laugh. I LOVE LOVE bleeding through & styg & the cure. I love Tim Burton films, hot wings, spicy food, makeup, art, & animals. I also love hockey. & not just cuz chris it. We like different teams

Chris <3

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